Ilkay Makina is one of the leading companies in Turkey in the construction machinery spare parts trade and production of various spare parts with years of experience. It strives to provide better quality, continuous and effective services today and in the future by using its accumulation, experience, and dedication from the past in the fields of production and trade. The services listed below are the product of these efforts.


Spare part trading, which is the field in which Ilkay Makina has been providing service since its establishment, is the most extensive business field in our company's scope of work. As a result of doing this business for years, we stand out with our characteristics such as having a good business relationship with the most reliable companies in Turkey and worldwide, meeting our customer's needs with high-quality and durable products and having skilled employees in the field. Ilkay Makina, which operates both in Turkey and abroad, is a company that has access to spare parts for all types of construction machinery, regardless of brand, model, and variety. We have succeeded in becoming a reliable and preferred company in terms of supplying these spare parts both domestically and internationally.

Bucket Teeth Manufacturing for Construction Machinery

In our factory located in Kırıkkale OSB, which is jointly owned by İlkay Makina and A-Makina companies, the production of first-quality bucket teeth is carried out. The direct supply of manufactured products is safely provided by these companies.


  • Manufacturing of Hydraulic Circuit Pipes
  • Hydraulic System Pipe Fabrication and On-Site Installation
  • Revision, Troubleshooting, and Repair Services for Construction Machinery
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