The foundation of İlkay Makina's activities, which started in 1994, actually goes back a little further to 1983 in Öğün Han and Örnek Han, which is considered a school of construction machinery manufacturers in Ankara, İskitler. Its activities, which began with the supply of spare parts for construction machinery, continued with increasing momentum in Ostim OSB with the addition of production.

If it is necessary to evaluate the development of İlkay Makina; Since 2011, it continues its activities with extraordinary success. Ilkay Makina, which has experienced very positive developments in production, export, and domestic market sales, has also specialized in the production of hydraulic steel pipes in addition to the supply and sale of spare parts for construction machinery.

Within the scope of the activity plan implemented by Ilkay Makina from 2009 to 2019, the increase in international commercial and production collaborations, the establishment of the R&D Center, and the successful completion of studies on the production of complete and high-pressure resistant hydraulic steel pipes have been achieved.

Our company is conducting research and development activities quickly to adapt to the rapid developments and technological changes in the construction machinery industry and to participate in national and international projects. It has increased its product diversity to improve domestic spare parts and export markets and aims to further increase it.